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Live Footage

Watch SEPULTURA's Entire 20-Song Dubai Concert

As an apology for their fans who didn't get to see them.

Sepultura recently had their shows in Lebanon cancelled over religious and political reasons. To make it up to those fans who did not get to see the band, Sepultura said they would stream their entire show in Dubai online. The band kept their word and you can watch the nearly two-hour, 20 song set above. The setlist was as follows, according to

  1. Bestial Devastation
  2. Troops of Doom
  3. Escape to the Void
  4. Beneath the Remains
  5. Dead Embryonic Cells
  6. Territory
  7. Attitude
  8. Against
  9. Sworn Oath
  10. Sepulnation
  11. Corrupted
  12. False
  13. What I Do!
  14. Kairos
  15. The Vatican
  16. Phantom Self
  17. Arise
  18. Refuse/Resist
  19. Ratamahatta
  20. Roots Bloody Roots

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