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Corrosion Of Conformity WDR

Live Footage

Watch Pro-Shot Footage Of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's Recent German Show

Fourteen songs, all bangers.

German TV program Rockpalast is now streaming pro-shot footage of Corrosion Of Conformity's entire May 11 show at the Luxor in Cologne, Germany. The show ran as follows, and should be listened to at a slightly unreasonable volume:

  1. "Bottom Feeder"
  2. "Paranoid Opioid"
  3. "Shake Like You"
  4. "Seven Days"
  5. "Diablo Blvd."
  6. "Senor Limpio"
  7. "Wiseblood"
  8. "Who's Got The Fire"
  9. "Stone Breaker"
  10. "13 Angels"
  11. "Vote With A Bullet"
  12. "Born Again For The Last Time"
  13. "Albatross"
  14. "Clean My Wounds"

Corrosion Of Conformity is currently working on the follow-up to 2018's No Cross No Crown. The new material will be Corrosion Of Conformity's second-ever album with Galactic drummer Stanton Moore, who also performed on the band's 2005 album In The Arms Of God.

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In an interview with MetalSucks, Corrosion Of Conformity bassist Mike Dean said he's excited to work with Moore and discussed his unique playing style.

"Yeah, man. That's true; I think we will be working with Stanton again," said Dean. "So, history repeats itself all these years later; Stanton played on In the Arms of God, and I think he's going to be working with us again for the next record. Having him aboard, I think you need to get a little nerdy to describe it because Stanton has got his own particular way that he wants to play.

"He wants to play kick drums in his jazzy way and likes to have the drums heads up front, so it's more of a traditional-sounding thing. And all of Stanton's fills are very second-line sounding, and he has these little phrases that are unique to him."

In a separate interview with Metal Injection, Dean also shared that Jason Patterson would be joining the band on their upcoming run of headline dates, with their latest stick-man Jon Green exiting the group, temporarily or otherwise.

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"That's almost a sore subject because yes, I would say yes; our major intentions, yeah, we want to make a record with Jon Green because he's so fearless and creative and fierce and a good dude to come up with things with. But he has stepped aside for this tour anyway, perhaps totally stepped aside," Dean shared during out sitdown. 

"You know, due to family things and he has work back in Manchester where he lives that probably makes more money doing what he does than playing in this band. And it's a little awkward with him being a UK citizen, having to go through the process of getting him a US visa, performer visa, which is a pain in the ass and expensive. So he stepped aside and we were sad about it, but we have Jason Patterson, who played with us in 2005 after we made In the Arms of God with Stanton Moore on drums and Stanton had a lot of prior commitments.

"So Jason is going to come out on the road with us. And he and I have been working on things, just bass and drums. And he already knows a lot of the stuff from In the Arms of God and before that. So we've just been working on the newer things and he's going to come out and yeah, he's really on point."

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