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Live Footage

Watch PANOPTICON & Ex-AGALLOCH Members Play AGALLOCH's "A Desolation Song" Live

Specifically Don Anderson and Austin Lunn.

Back in September 2019, Panopticon mastermind Austin Lunn and ex-Agalloch guitar Don Anderson convened with numerous other artists at AMUZ, Antwerp, Belgium. Lunn and Anderson performed the 2002 Agalloch track "A Desolation Song" from The Mantle, which Anderson tells Decibel was a great evening overall.

I did some Facebook live videos playing solo acoustic Agalloch songs a few months after the breakup. A lot of people seemed to really respond positively to that. So, I put together a set of solo acoustic versions and began doing a few shows. Eventually, I got an offer to join Panopticon, Aerial Ruin, Saor, Sylvaine, and Marisa Kaye Janke for an all acoustic performance in Antwerp, Belgium. It was such a rare evening that many of us guested on one another’s songs to make it more special. Austin seemed the perfect choice to join me for that song in particular.

Read the full interview here.

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