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Watch KORN'S RAY LUZIER Slay "Disconnect" On His Drum Cam Series

Luzier makes it look practically effortless!

Back in November, we told you about Korn drummer Ray Luzier's totally boss, self-styled, studio drum cam series which everyone should check out as soon as possible on Luzier’s YouTube channel. The current man behind the kit for the nü-metal masters has dropped a new clip for "Disconnect" off of Korn's most-recent Requiem LP. If you dig through the channel, you'll note that Luzier's uploads are all shot with super-cool multi-angle camera work. You can check out the video just above. You can also check out his clip of Korn's "Start the Healing" right here.

In other Korn news, the band proved they are absolutely here to stoke an ulcer in your stomach with their new hot sauce called Here To Slay. The hot sauce is named after the 2002 track "Here To Stay" from Untouchables, playing on the band's song titles much like another new Korn branding venture: frontman Jonathan Davis' recent venture into pet products.

Despite the new merch, Korn will be back on record—albeit live— next month with the release of their Requiem Mass show on February 3, 2023—exactly one year after the band originally played their set at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. The band will release the non-acoustic portion of the show as a live album, while the CD version will feature the live album plus Requiem. Additionally, a five-song vinyl 12" with an etching on Side B will also be made available.

Requiem Mass is available for pre-order here.

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