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Escula Grind 2022

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Watch ESCUELA GRIND Drudge Through Deceit On New Single "Cliffhanger"

Their new LP drops late September

Escuela Grind will release their brand new LP Memory Theater September 30 via the MNRK Heavy label, also the home of united spirits such as High on Fire and Crowbar. An official video for the first single, "Cliffhanger," is also now streaming. You can watch the video just above. Pre-orders and pre-saves for Memory Theater are available here, too.

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Escuela Grind has got moxie one would die slow and painfully for, and truly is the stuff of envy. They're young, and unquestionably hungry on "Cliffhanger," as the grind is hot as steel, and that ain't just some clever pun. These upstarts bring it raw and ragged, Massachusetts basement show-style. One listen and you're going to be tempted break something valuable in a stranger's home, I promise you.

About the track, vocalist Katerina Economou has said "'Cliffhanger' is us branching out and including all of our influences into a heavy, danceable song. It's a perfect representation of all the new things to expect from Escuela Grind. The lyrics are about the people that try to play both sides of the fence… and drag you down with them. It's about fighting crab mentality."

Folks, don't get caught in these claws. But do go and check out more of Escuela Grind on Bandcamp today!

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