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Domino Santantonio Hears Mastodon For The First Time

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Watch: Drummer Hears MASTODON For The First Time, Nails It On Drums

The song in question is "Steambreather".

Drumeo and drummer Domino Santantonio are back with another astonishing video! You might remember Santantonio as the drummer that never heard Slipknot before, and who proceeded to crush it on drums anyway.

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Either way, Santantonio is now doing the same with Mastodon's song "Steambreather" and the results are equally as impressive. Especially considering it only took three takes and then one last, final take. This is also great news for Mastodon if Brann Dailor ever needs to sit out some shows.

"Following the success of her initial Slipknot video, which garnered over 4.5 million views on YouTube, Domino is back for a second round (of punishment)!" wrote Drumeo in their description. "Having learned from her previous experience, you can tell that her approach this time is more focused and determined as she analyzes the song's intricacies."

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Photographer Mihaela Petrescu took 'em!

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