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Domino Santantonio

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Drummer Hears SLIPKNOT's "Before I Forget" Once, Plays It Back In Her Own Style

Domino Santantonio is incredible behind the kit.

Drummer and Drumeo coach Domino Santantonio has never listened to Slipknot before, but you wouldn't believe that given her cover of "Before I Forget." Watch as Santantonio hears the song for the first time and then proceeds to cover it in both her own style and using some of Joey Jordison's parts.

"This pop drummer has never listened to Slipknot," reads the video description. "So naturally, we challenged her to play one of the metal band’s most popular songs.

"Domino Santantonio is known for her upbeat pop drum covers of artists like Dua Lipa and SAINt JHN. For her, drumming to metal would be like trying to speak a language without being fluent.

"But we love encouraging drummers to get outside of their comfort zone, and Domino was up for it. Though she opted not to use the double pedal we set up on her kit, she found a way to make Slipknot’s 'Before I Forget' her own (get the full song transcription in Drumeo).

"Without knowing Joey Jordison's famous drum part in advance, Domino managed to hit many of the punches. And while some of her ideas were very different from the original drum part she still made some accurate guesses.

"Watch the video to see how she builds her parts, reevaluates her decision-making, and explains her thought process. You've never heard Slipknot like this before!"

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