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Watch: DIRK VERBEUREN Hears "Mr. Brightside" Once, Nails It On Drums

Dirk is not human. We know this.

Dirk Verbeuren's resume includes everyone from Megadeth and Soilwork to Devin Townsend Project, Warrel Dane, and Aborted. So it's safe to say the man is capable of many styles, and executing them all flawlessly… and apparently he can also learn songs really fast. Like, really fast.

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Watch as Drumeo plays a drumless version of The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" to Verbeuren exactly once, and then Verbeuren plays back his own version without missing a beat. Literally.

"The Killers go metal? Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth has a diverse musical background, primarily playing rock and metal but also listening to jazz, fusion, pop, hip-hop, and electronic music," said Drumeo of the cover.

"He quickly grasped the song structure and applied his method of counting and naming parts to deliver an amazing performance. You'd be amazed at the details he caught on his first play-through.

"Dirk's incredible drumming skills effortlessly transform 'Mr. Brightside' into his own unique masterpiece, showcasing the value of learning songs quickly for session work. He also highlights the importance of having techniques and tricks for memorization and sight-reading, allowing him to effortlessly master the song with ease."

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