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Dirk Verbeuren
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Live Footage

DIRK VERBEUREN Posts Drum Cam Footage Of MEGADETH's "Solider On!" Live Premiere

Dude is insanely good.

Dirk Verbeuren has posted drum cam footage of Megadeth playing "Solider On!" for the first time live on September 20 at Lakeview Amphitheatre in Syracuse, NY. If you've ever seen Verbeuren play drums over the past few decades, then it comes as no surprise the dude absolutely crushes it.

In a recent interview with I Ask No One with Kevin Re LoVullo, Verbeuren revealed his favorite Megadeth songs to play live.

"I love 'em all. But definitely the Gar stuff, the stuff off of Peace Sells and Killing Is My Business," said Verbeuren as transcribed by Metal Injection. "That's the stuff I grew up with first, and it means a lot to me. Songs like 'Wake Up Dead' or 'The Conjuring' which we've been playing a lot recently, 'Rattlehead' [and] 'Mechanix' – all that crazy stuff. It's a lot of fun. It's a workout. They're not the easiest songs to play, but I love Gar's style. He was something else and that stuff always makes me enjoy being there."

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