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Watch CRADLE OF FILTH's Full Hellfest 2019 Set

Live Footage

Watch CRADLE OF FILTH's Full Hellfest 2019 Set

Including "Summer Dying Fast".

Cradle Of Filth is still just as huge as ever, and you can see why in the footage of their Hellfest 2019 appearance. The band's set is great, and also features "Summer Dying Fast" for the first time live since 2015. Sure, it's not forever, but certainly long enough to be a pretty cool addition!

0:26 – Once Upon Atrocity
2:08 – Thirteen Autumns and a Widow
9:24 – Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
16:53 – Beneath the Howling Stars
24:39 – Malice Through the Looking Glass
31:11 – Heartbreak and Seance
37:46 – Summer Dying Fast
42:12 – Nymphetamine (Fix)
48:08 – Saffron's Curse
55:12 – Her Ghost in the Fog

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"I completely agree with Dani's take on this being a very Dusk/Midian vibe."