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Watch ANCESTORS Play Two Songs In A Church Using A Pipe Organ

You also really need to listen to more Ancestors.

Ancestors released their beautiful new album Suspended in Reflections in 2018, which prominently featured the use of pipe organ. Of course you can't just cart a pipe organ around on tour, so Ancestors did the next best thing. The band played "Into The Fall" and "Release" from Suspended in Reflections at St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church alongside the towering instrument, and now we're premiering videos for both!

"With Ancestors, it’s always been our goal to make everything as grandiose as possible. At first it was by using way too much gear. But over time, it evolved into trying to always push the boundaries of instrumentation and recording techniques into territories we’d never previously explored. Huge thanks to the St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church for making our pipe dreams come true (pun intended)."

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Grab Suspended in Reflections here in North America, here in Europe, and here in Australia. You absolutely need that album in your life.

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