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VINTERSEA Busts It Wide Open With New Video For "Crack Of Light"

Vintersea has taken a pretty classy approach to their music video for the song "Crack Of Light", yet remains just as crushing as ever in the music itself. Here's what the band had to say about the track. Vintersea delivers heavy, emotionally powerful and technically intriguing music with vocals ranging from haunting melodies to intense growls. 

"Since the release of our newest album, 'Illuminated', our fans have been asking us about a music video for the central epic of the album, 'Crack of Light'”, says guitarist Riley Nix. “We've secretly been toiling away on it for nearly a year now, building sets, costumes, and prop pieces on a scale we've never attempted before. We traveled to every corner of our state to capture unique and appropriate scenery for this song, which is a collective band favorite. We are so excited to share the results, which represent hard work and dedication by not only our band, but also by a ton of our friends and family who put their blood, sweat, and tears into this video."

“Crack of Light” was an unbelievably ambitious project for the band, evident by the props and sets that show up on-camera. The band and their friends built a 20-foot boat specifically for this video, and the boat itself took four people to load it into a flatbed trailer for the band's journey to location shooting in the Alvord Desert in rural Oregon. Additional shooting was done in a secluded cave with a natural sunlight shaft that only shows two hours of sunlight per day, and a set that was built by the band to resemble “The Void” from the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, including a 40×40-foot pool for the boat to float in for one segment of the video.

“While we want every video to be special, the pandemic gave us more time to work on the music video for 'Crack of Light'”, says bassit and videographer Karl Whinnery. “I had big dreams for 'Crack of Light' – the song has an oceanic vibe but everyone knows filming in the ocean is horrible. Still, the song screamed for a boat so I dug deep in my brain and came back with a pretty crazy idea. I managed to sell it to the band and we developed the idea. The crazy idea? Build a boat and take it to the desert.”

For a full behind the scenes look at the making of this video, visit HERE. To purchase "Illuminated" click HERE.

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