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Two Grannies Reacting to SYSTEM OF A DOWN Will Make Your Day

Better known as Two Rocking Grannies on YouTube.

The YouTube channel Two Rocking Grannies is one you need in your life. It's a pretty new channel with only a handful of videos, though what they've posted is great. Check out Nana King and Granny Haze digging into "Toxicity" by System of a Down above, and then go subscribe to their channel here.

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The channel's description is as follows:

"Welcome to Two Rocking Grannies! We're Nana King & Granny Haze. Just two old ladies ready to rock!

"Our channel is mostly reactions to metal and rock music, but we don't limit ourselves to just that. The whole point of this channel is to experience new music and other things with a completely open mind and see if two old ladies like us can relate to a completely different world we're not necessarily use to. Nana King grew up listening to Motown music and Elvis while Granny Haze is an ex-hippy who loved the Beatles, Hendrix and other peace-loving sounds of the 60's & 70's., so this will be an experience, to say the least…

"So join us in this journey. We like to have fun and interact with others like you. Please subscribe, like and comment on our videos and make sure you leave of suggestions on new music for us to discover! We want to hear it all."

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[Ghost Cult Mag via MetalSucks]

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