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TWINGIANT Get Sludgy with  "Throttled" Music Video

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TWINGIANT Get Sludgy with "Throttled" Music Video

Twingiant are one of my favorite sludge bands going right now. With a guitar centric approach and a refined attack, this is the sort of group who don't mess around. They go for the throat with powerful riffs, devastating vocals and a polished sense of self. Twingiant understand what the record buying public want and give it to them. Rather than coming off as overprocessed overmarketed tripe though, there is in fact something strangely endearing about what the band has always delivered. The bands unique sensibilities can't help but to endear you to them, and this new music video, for their monster track 'Throttled' is a fun one to dig in too. Sure it's just the dudes jamming in a room, but it's also so much more than that. You get a glimpse not just of what their day to day looks like as a working class band, but the groups they are into, the things they are passionate about, and how it feels to suffer under their live assault.

Guitarist Nikos Mixas had this to say:

In Twingiant, the four of us individually come from some pretty different backgrounds and we listen to varying types of music during our free time.  'Throttled' is an excellent representation of this sort of musical kaleidoscope meshing relationship that we have with each other and it also exemplifies a maturation withing our songwriting process as a band.

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