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Tween Rockers UNLOCKING THE TRUTH “My Chains” Music Video Shows Promise

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Tween Rockers UNLOCKING THE TRUTH “My Chains” Music Video Shows Promise

Tween metal band Unlocking the Truth made headlines when they landed a record deal with Sony worth $1.7 million, and then made headlines again, when they announced that they were walking away from the deal and self-releasing their music. They eventually dropped their manager and decided to reinvent themselves and start anew.

We now know what their new sound is like, and it's pretty promising.  The only two songs we've heard done professionally from the group thus far "Take Control" and "Monster" and the two tracks came off as misguided nu-metal. This new track at least feels fresh and new. It makes sense because guitarist/vocalist Malcolm Brickhouse co-produced the track with Kenta Yonesaka at Germano Studio NY. But will audiences react? As for the meaning of the song, Brickhouse notes it has a different meanings for different people:

"The meaning of 'My Chains' will be different for everyone, but there's a line in the song for everyone. Think about it. We all have chains in life. It could be somebody or something we use as a crutch to help us get through life and loosen those chains."

"We wanted the video to show that Unlocking The Truth has more to offer than just a good song," says guitarist/vocalist Malcolm Brickhouse. "The video and song both push the envelope for 'the norm' in metal music. It's fresh. It's new. It's MY CHAINS!"

Let's take things back a few years ago, when the band was just breaking out to one of the most random interviews we ever did:

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