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TOXIC RUIN Offers Blistering Thrash Single "Divine Acclimation"

Toxic Ruin, out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, know their thrash! The band combines energetic thrash metal laced with death metal brutality and clinical technicality, without going so far outside the thrash realm that their sound becomes unrecognizable to hardcore thrash fans. Their latest track, "Divine Acclimation," is a ferocious onslaught of blistering riffs and speed perfectly suited to the pit.

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Blake Toltzmann, guitarist, comments: “We made this evil ass song about Mayan sacrifice called Divine Acclimation. While we were still in the studio we decided to do a play through video for it because it turned out to be a short ripper that shows some technicality and kills our forearms! This new track is going to come at you with so much blistering speed and riffs that it will have you wanting to sacrifice your firstborn just to hear the rest of the album! Huge shout out to Nick and Marc @ Carptown Studios for letting us film it there!”

"Divine Acclimation" is taken from their upcoming album, Nightmare Eclipse, due out August 27th via M-Theory Audio. Pre-order your copy HERE.

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