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This Cover Of SLIPKNOT's "Wait And Bleed" By A Group Of Teenagers Is Real Good

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This Cover Of SLIPKNOT's "Wait And Bleed" By A Group Of Teenagers Is Real Good

The kid sounds like Corey Taylor.

Unless you're, like, really mean and have no soul to speak of, everyone loves videos of kids playing metal. Honestly, there's nothing better than watching the next generation of metalheads carrying the torch, and this video of some youngin's ripping the shit out of Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed" is no exception.

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The video is the result of the efforts of the O'Keefe Music Foundation, a non-profit that "that offers free music lessons, music camps, recording sessions and music videos to young musicians from around the world." According to their YouTube page, the kids recorded the Slipknot classic entirely in a garage, with the musicians hailing from all over the country. Featured in the video are:

  • Drums — Brian McConnell (Age 17)
  • Lead Guitar — John Fowler (Age 18)
  • Rhythm Guitar — Aiden Combs (Age 18)
  • Bass — Fritz Dannemiller (Age 18)
  • Bass — Jackson Toma (Age 18)
  • Vocals — Kaden Karns (Age 18)

Good for these young folks, indeed! They did a fantastic job! Here’s some more info on the program provided by the foundation:

OMF is a non-profit music organization based in Ohio, USA, with a mission to provide high quality music education to any child in the world for FREE! Why? Because art gives voice to our dreams and live music performance is becoming a dying art. Since 2006, OMF has helped over 1000 students make countless music videos… with over 80 million combined YouTube views! To music lovers everywhere, please consider donating to OMF so kids from around the country can PLAY. REAL. MUSIC.”

You can donate to OMF by clicking this link. It’s fantastic to see organizations prioritizing the accessibility of music and equipment for the people that can make the most of it in this day an age: the youth. For all of the kids about to rock, we salute you!

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