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Obituary 1994

Live Footage

This 1994 OBITUARY Show Is Just Straight Up Vicious

Right before the release of World Demise.

This Obituary show filmed at the Ruthless Inn on August 30, 1994 in San Francisco, CA is just vicious all the way through. The footage comes from the Jesse Davis YouTube channel and was filmed about a week prior to Obituary releasing their new (at the time) record World Demise. This is also the period of Obituary featuring guitarist Allen West and bassist Frank Watkins, both of who would play in the band until their breakup in 1997.

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The show ran as follows.

  1. "Kill for Me"
  2. "Bloodsoaked"
  3. "Don't Care"
  4. "Turned Inside Out"
  5. "Dying"
  6. "Cause of Death"
  7. "Final Thoughts"
  8. "'Til Death"
  9. "Solid State"
  10. "Redefine"
  11. "Killing Time"
  12. "Slowly We Rot"

Obituary is currently gearing up to release their long-awaited new album, which drummer Donald Tardy recently said is ready to go.

"It is fucking awesome. It is Obituary, absolutely 100 percent, meat and potatoes, but with Ken's influence and him being able to write a few songs with me on this one, he brings a much more old-school thrash metal feel. So it's fresh, it's killer, it's exciting on some of those songs, but then also the meat and potatoes, there are some songs that are so heavy on this record, man. I'm so proud of it. I can't wait for people to hear it.

"And the production — we recorded it at our studio and then we sent it off to Joe Cincotta, my boy who's done the last four albums with us. He did an amazing job; the sound of this record is fantastic. I can't wait for everybody to hear it. We're working on the album cover right now. And we are now just waiting for the target date that we're gonna release it."

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