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OBITUARY Drummer Details New Album's "Fresh" Sound

Some songs are straight up old-school thrash.


Obituary drummer Donald Tardy has revealed in an interview with Chaoszine that the band's new album is done and ready to go. Tardy added that lead guitarist Ken Andrews helped write a few of the songs that have an "old-school thrash metal feel," and that the band is working on album artwork right now. The new album was mixed by Joe Cincotta, who also mixed Obituary's 2016 EP Ten Thousand Ways To Die and 2017 self-titled.

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"It is fucking awesome. It is Obituary, absolutely 100 percent, meat and potatoes, but with Ken's influence and him being able to write a few songs with me on this one, he brings a much more old-school thrash metal feel. So it's fresh, it's killer, it's exciting on some of those songs, but then also the meat and potatoes, there are some songs that are so heavy on this record, man. I'm so proud of it. I can't wait for people to hear it.

"And the production — we recorded it at our studio and then we sent it off to Joe Cincotta, my boy who's done the last four albums with us. He did an amazing job; the sound of this record is fantastic. I can't wait for everybody to hear it. We're working on the album cover right now. And we are now just waiting for the target date that we're gonna release it."

Tardy later added that Obituary won't release the new record until Europe is open for touring, saying the band has to wait "for the prime opportunity to release this thing so everybody wants to go and get it. And the prime opportunity is when Europe is open, when America is open, we can release it and we can be in Europe and we can go bust our asses and hope that people go and buy the new album." He also states that "we're all listening to it on Spotify and on these streaming sites, and that doesn't do musicians like myself, it doesn't do us any good because we don't get royalties from those companies."

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