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THIRTEEN GOATS Unleashes Blackened Heavy Metal On New Single "Servant Of The Outer Dark""

The chorus is pretty dang catchy.

Vancouver's Thirteen Goats is now streaming their new single "Servant Of The Outer Dark." The single perfectly marries old school death metal, blackened tendencies, and heavy metal choruses all into one killer song. Plus the video directed by Nessa Aref and Alysson Hall is pretty damn cool.

"'Servant of the Outer Dark' chronicles the exploits of a certain dark sorcerer in his quest to return our universe to its natural state: complete and utter chaos," said vocalist and guitarist Graham K. Miles. "Mike came up with the foundation for this, and Rob contributed some really nasty guitar work that helped take it to the next level. I handled the vocal arrangement and the lyrics. They're an homage to my favourite Stephen King villain, who was also a source of inspiration for our mascot and the broader concept behind the band."

Thirteen Goats recently released their new album Servant Of The Outer Dark, which is available here.

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