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THE PHANTOM EYE Gets Real Spacey On New Single "Palindrome"

Get some headphones and take a breath.

The Phantom Eye is here to take you straight to another dimension with their new single "Palindrome". The single comes alongside a music video filmed, edited, and directed by Brett Kyle of BKM Video that perfectly encapsulates the song's energy.

"'Palindrome' is about the fear of the unknown," wrote The Phantom Eye of the single. "Running back to what used to be safety but is no longer safe. Waiting impatiently for answers that never come; or are useless, when they do arrive. Feeling helpless in an age where help should be available in every facet of life, and yet isn't. Not knowing if there even is a future or one worth being a part of. Bleak and dystopian. I can't help but feel like it's only a matter of time before it's all too late.

"The video was Brett Kyle. Brett has really knocked it out of the park with this video. With a combined effort we were able to make something really beautiful. His skills behind the camera and editing are amazing, creative, quality, and our great bud. Check out his band Endless, they rock. 'Palindrome' is the first track showcasing Rob on both keys and bass guitar at the same time. The track features some guest modular synths from Rick Batyr who did an amazing job laying some icing on the cake."

The Phantom Eye is currently wrapping up a new batch of songs for a follow up EP with producer Justin Mantooth. The band will also be performing Friday, October 13 at TV Eye as direct support for Kind.

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