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The Flatliners Performative Hours

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THE FLATLINERS Are Back And They're Definitely Heavier Than They Were

This is a very welcome addition.

The Flatliners is easily one of my favorite punk bands of all time – I could listen to Cavalcade all day. They've certainly worn their metal influences on their sleeve over the years, but this new single "Performative Hours" really takes it to the next level. Sure, the choruses are catchy and generally punky, but man… those verses and the screamed vocals are a welcome addition.

"We are pleased to introduce you to the most tumultuous host working in television today, Mr. hanging-on-by-a-thread himself – Ron Regal!" said The Flatliners in a statement.

"Played by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll in the Mitch Barnes directed video for our brand new song 'Performative Hours,' Ron is trying his absolute best while doing his undoubtedly worst. Enjoy the white knuckle ride while each guest on the telecast catastrophe 'The Performative Hour' wonders how the hell they got there and what on earth will happen next."

The Flatliners will release their new record New Ruin on August 5. Pre-orders are available here.

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