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SUN & FLESH Weaponize Boredom In New Song "Bored"

A mundane life interrupted by massive, catchy riffs.

Brooklyn-based metal band Sun & Flesh combine furious riffs and massive hooks for a sound all their own. The band is streaming their new single "Bored" alongside a music video that details just how mundane modern life can be. Well, if you let it be mundane, anyway.

"'Bored' establishes its grim worldview immediately, opening on some pretty dystopian news and infomercial footage. People walk the streets and go about their day oblivious to their surroundings, faces buried in their phones. They are separate from the world around them, zombified by constant news reports, info aggregators, consumer goods sites. Instead of interacting, they absorb a steady flicker of data and info, bathing their unblinking eyes in a cold blue LED wash. The band are in a world of their own as well, tearing through the song in a bare concrete warehouse. Manuel and Brewster pulled double duty here, conceiving and directing the clip. They create an ominous juxtaposition of a band giving it all the blood and sweat they’ve got, while right outside, their fellow Brooklynites wander numbed to the good, blind to the bad, locked inside their own heads.

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"Bored" was produced and engineered by Dan Korneff (Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Overkill). Keep up with Sun & Flesh on their website.

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