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SPELL Gets Heavy Into Psych With New Song "Psychic Death"

It's gonna get stuck in your head for sure.

Spell will release their new record Opulent Decay on April 10. You can check out their new song "Psychic Death" right now alongside a killer, psychedelic music video directed by Sean Edwards of Toronto based film collective Ramble Films.

Here's what bassist and vocalist Cam Mesmer had to say about the new song and album.

"All of the songs deal with the contrast between opulence and austerity, and the decay that results from imbalance. Our drive to avoid suffering is strong, but it can be overcome by the love for another and the desire to put them before yourself. Opulent Decay examines this balance and the dangers that await on either side of the pendulum."

"Music, like dreams, exists in feeling rather than explanation. In sleep, the strangest things can elicit joy or terror — this is why dreams are so difficult to articulate. Creating music, for me, is similar; often, I’ll wake in the dead of night with a powerful feeling or melody in my mind, not connected to reality in any concrete way. I’ll then leap out of bed to try and capture it before it disappears!"

Pre-order Opulent Decay here.

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