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SOOTHING (TRASH TALK) Streams Blackened New Song "Used X"

Not very soothing.

Soothing, the duo consisting of musicians who have played with bands like Trash Talk, Alpha & Omega, A Storm of Light and Sinking Ships, is now streaming their blackened new track "Used X".  The duo tells Decibel there is now better time than now to vent frustration, and what better way to do it than with some pretty violent music?

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"In times of chaos and uncertainty, creative expression is essential. When all else fails, screaming over blown-out guitars and blaring drums feels like a proper announcement of built-up frustration. ‘Used X’ is an observation based on convictions being used for public gain. In a world where it’s really easy to pretend to be somebody else, being unapologetically yourself is a dying mindset. Why be something you’re not? Forward ever, backwards never."

Soothing will release their new EP here.

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