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SIGNS OF THE SWARM Stomps Their Way Through Your Skull With "Totem"

It'll really heavy your day up.

Signs Of The Swarm is about to really fuck your day up big time with their new single "Totem". Mostly because the track is nothing but crushingly heavy riffs and equally throat-shredding vocals, but a little to do with how prepared you are for the coming wall of sound.

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"'Totem' is a solid cross section of what to expect from Absolvere," said drummer and producer Bobby Crow. "Crushing riffs collide with insane drumming, all layered underneath explosive yet memorable vocals. We turned Dave (vocals) up in the mix, yet it doesn’t take away from the musicality at all; it complements it. Oh yeah, and this is far from the heaviest track on the album, so get ready."

Signs Of The Swarm will release Absolvere on September 24, which features guest appearances from Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent) and Alex Erian (Despised Icon). Pre-orders are available here.

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