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SHINING's New Song "KMA" Is A Straight Up Party Song

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SHINING's New Single "KMA" Is A Straight Up Electronic Party Song

Not even close to blackjazz.

Shining is back with possibly their furthest straying from metal and blackjazz in the form of "KMA." The song is a straight up electronica party jam with a chorus that urges listeners to "kiss my ass" and "suck my nuts." So yeah, if you haven't been into Shining's change of sound recently, then this one isn't going to help.

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"'KMA' is the third single to be released from Shining's new EP IDGAF, and it lives up to the EP title. Like mixing engineer Zardonic (BTW, check out his remix of 'IDGAF!') said after hearing the song for the first time: 'I love this song so much! It's like a big fucking tantrum!'"

Shining vocalist Shining recently contributed saxophone to the new Haunted Shores record, and still does guest spots with artists like Ihsahn and Devin Townsend. So not all is lost on the metal sax front.

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