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SEPULTURA's Eloy Casagrande Posts Insane Drum Cover of METALLICA's "Battery"

Eloy Casagrande needs to join Metallica.

I know we've all joked about a bunch of drummers replacing Lars Ulrich in Metallica, but what exactly do we need to do to have Sepultura's Eloy Casagrande actually do it? I mean seriously, listen to the dude absolutely play the shit out of Metallica's "Battery" right now and tell me you don't want that too.

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"I played my way!!!" said Casagrande. "No audio editing, no samples, no triggers. Audio recorded with the EAD10 plugged straight to my phone (using the device's camera to record the video). I believe the original song was recorded without a click track, which means that the tempo is volatile."

You also gotta see his cover of Slipknot's "People = Shit"

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