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SCALE THE SUMMIT "Odyssey" Dual-Guitar Playthrough

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SCALE THE SUMMIT "Odyssey" Dual-Guitar Playthrough

Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier are pretty dang good at playing guitar and they really wanted to show you. Thus, a playthrough video is born!

Scale the Summit are all geared up to release their new album The Odyssey on y'all in June and wanted to show you that they can certainly play their songs! The playthrough of the title track is pretty cool for what it's worth; two dudes really hashing out their skills on guitar for you all to see, and maybe even figure out if you're technically inclined. It's impressive to be that good at any instrument really, but the writing still leaves a lot to be desired from me and kinda puts them in that weird "respected but not a fan" area for me. Maybe the new record will change that? I guess we'll find out soon!

[via MetalSucks]

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