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RAY SUHY Shreds Into The "Cess Pool" With His Killer New Track

Ray Suhy (East of the Wall, Cannabis Corpse, Six Feet Under) is one bad-ass guitar player you should know by name, and his insane shred skills. Ray's new solo EP, Fulmination, will be out on June 16th, but we've got a killer video here right now to give you a taste of what to expect! Pre-order the EP right here.

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Here's a few words from Ray regarding the video:

"Cess Pool" was the second song I finished for the EP. This video was done by my friend Joseph Spiller (Caricature). The meaning of fulmination is "an expression of vehement protest" or "a violent explosion" so I wanted this video to express that. Joseph found some pretty striking and disturbing footage that was perfect for this song.

The title is a bit of a play on words. By splitting the word cesspool into two, it can take on some different imagery. For example in the U.K., cess means "tax" or "a curse". Both meanings as well as the original word kind of fit the overall theme and meaning I wanted to get across with this EP which is an expression and reaction to all the incredibly frustrating things that are going on in the world today.

Thanks again Metal Injection for all the support over the years and for premiering the video for "Cess Pool"

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