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Phil Anselmo Issues Apology for Shouting "White Power" At The End of Dimebash


Phil Anselmo Issues Apology for Shouting "White Power" At The End of Dimebash

Earlier this week, video footage surfaces of Phil Anselmo shouting "white power" after making the Nazi salute gesture. He issued a statement shortly after saying it was just a joke, but he was not apologizing. Yesterday, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn posted a video statement calling out Anselmo for his racist actions and alleging there was no white wine backstage and that he came up to Flynn that night and told Flynn that he hated the "n**ger era of Machine Head." Other bands, like All Shall Perish have similarly lambasted Anselmo.

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Anselmo just posted a video statement issuing a full apology. We have transcribed what he said below:

Philip H Anselmo here, and I'm here to basically respond to all the heat I've been getting, that I deserve completely. I was at the Dimebash and it was extremely late at night. There was heavy duty talk between myself and those who love Dime. Heavy emotions were flowing. Jokes were made backstage that transpired upon the stage and it was ugly, it was uncalled for and anyone who knows me and my true nature knows that I don't believe any of that. I don't want to be part of any group. I'm an individual and I am 1000% apologetic to anyone to took offense to what I said, because you should've taken offense to what I said, and I am so sorry. And I hope you just…man…give me another chance…to…just give me another chance. Just give me another chance. I love all of you. And anyone who's met me knows, I love of all of you. Bless you.

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