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Pathways – Couch

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PATHWAYS Offer Prog Metalcore Bliss with "Great Old Ones"

Progressive metalcore outfit Pathways is one of the hardest to define bands I have come across. They incorporate classic elements of metalcore/deathcore, but also have solid symphonic elements interweaved with a touch of falsetto in the vocals. Pulling from about every genre you can imagine, their latest single "Great Old Ones" will keep you engaged from beginning to end with a sound that is as unique as it is impressive.

The band comments: "The music video was so immersive and over-the-top for us, that it deserves its own story to be told. To make a long story short – We discovered Karl Whinnery, a PDX videographer who shared our vision of a grandiose music video, to mark our return. We got our hands on this enormous 1906 Victorian house estate for a video shoot location, in Oregon. This place was a massive adventure for us. After we wrapped up shooting here, we then shot the rest of the music video in 2 other studio locations. The editing was done in about a month’s time and here we are!

As this release is meant to showcase the newer music identity, brand, and pave the way for album promotion, we aim to go about this in a very bold and calculated way. We have learned so much about the industry (still learning) over the years, and have seen how much the pandemic & social climate is still affecting the future of it. We think it is definitely smart to be strategic with self-releasing music and distribution. Our catalog now includes 4 music videos, a full-length album, a single, and tons of photoshoots – all to be self-released for now, in order to make way for future branding. We have already begun writing another album as we speak and we will be more active than we have ever been previously."

"Great Old Ones" is a stand-alone single that serves to pave the way (or create a 'pathway' if you will, ba dum tiss!) for their first full length album, showcasing their sonic evolution. For more from Pathways click HERE.

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