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PARKWAY DRIVE Uses Mostly Clean Vocals On New Ballad "Darker Still"

Blues guitar solos? An orchestra?

Parkway Drive is really mixing up their sound for their upcoming record Darker Still, but the title track might be the biggest divergence we've heard yet. Parkway Drive drops the harsh vocals almost entirely on the album's title track and instead opts for a slow-moving ballad complete with bluesy guitar solos and an orchestra, showcasing a very different side of the band.

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"Love. Time. Death. The great defining elements that make up our existence. This song begins with the simplest of human sounds and represents these elements as the musical journey grows to reach its souring crescendo before facing the inevitable conclusion of its journey. The night grows dark… darker still," said vocalist Winston McCall.

I guess "Darker Still" being different really isn't shocking, considering the previous two singles "The Greatest Fear" and "Glitch" weren't exactly your typical Parkway Drive songs. It'll be interesting to see how the band's fanbase received Darker Still as a whole once it drops, especially since the greater context of the album might put these singles into perspective.

Parkway Drive will release their new record Darker Still on September 9. Pre-orders are available here. As for the album's new and different sound, McCall stated "When Parkway originally started out, we all were trying to push ourselves to do more than we possibly could. What you hear on Darker Still is the final fulfillment of our ability to learn and grow catching up with the imagination that we have always had."

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