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Watch PARKWAY DRIVE Get "Crushed" By The Fist Of God

Live Footage

PARKWAY DRIVE Releases "Wild Eyes" Live Video From Wacken Open Air 2019

It's also from their new documentary Viva The Underdogs.

Parkway Drive recently released their band documentary Viva The Underdogs. The documentary features an in-depth look at the band's nearly-20-year existence and offers quite a bit of live footage, one of which is "Wild Eyes" from Wacken Open Air 2019.

"We have always taken pride in doing things our way," says vocalist Winston McCall. "For over fifteen years we have stayed true to ourselves in a world of extremes. We are not the story of shooting star super stardom, we are not the overnight breakout success, we will never be viral and we sure as hell won’t break the internet. But we have a vision, and we have lived for it, worked for it, bled for it, grown for it and broken for it. We have sacrificed everything and compromised nothing. This is an honest insight into what it takes to survive as the underdogs. Thank you for being part of the story."

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