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pangea the bachelor record label edition

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PANGEA Need To Make A Decision On The Bachelor: Record Label Edition & It's Hilarious

Kudos to the band for creating a very creative video.

We've seen many "band announces signing" announcements, but we think Pangea easily has created the best video. It's hard to imagine anybody topping this.

The video sees the progressive band being courted by Metal Blade Records, Big Dog Records and Sellout Records. The format of the video is a take-off of the ABC reality series The Bachelor, and we commend the band for their sense of humor and excellent production skills.

Pangea commented "We are honored to announce our signing with Metal Blade Records. We’ve all grown up listening to Metal Blade releases and we are thrilled to now be a part of their phenomenal roster. The idea for the Bachelor parody announcement video came from us wanting to do something unique that highlighted our sense of humor and the fact that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are looking forward to starting this new chapter in the band’s story and we can’t think of a better label to join forces with to share our musical vision with the world."

Check out some of the band's music below:


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