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P.O.D. Streams "Drop" Featuring LAMB OF GOD Vocalist RANDY BLYTHE

As groovy as you expected.

P.O.D. is now streaming their new single "Drop" featuring Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe. As expected, the song goes heavy on the groove and having Blythe around certainly helps the heaviness factor.

"'Drop' is another one of a kind, unparalleled banger that sets this band apart from everyone else," said P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval. "When you hear it, you know it's P.O.D.!"

"Dude, it's the sickest thing ever," added guitarist Marcos Curiel of the single, which was inspired by the guitarist's longtime love of electronic music. "When that drop hits, everyone knows it. We needed to create a song in that way… P.O.D. style."

Curiel in a previous interview, a new record called Veritas is due out sometime in spring 2024. Curiel notes that "Drop" will be on the record, as well guest vocalists Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer and Cove Reber, formerly of Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Saosin.

"The new record's called Veritas. It's the old Latin dialect," said Curiel. "You know, the old one that the priests are laying down when people are demonly possessed. It stands for truth. It's our truth because we wrote this record during the pandemic. Individually and collectively, it's our truth as a band, what we've been through, what we've all been through during that time, dude.

"I can't wait for you guys to hear it, man. It's pretty cool. We also got Tatiana from Jinjer on a track. And we have Cove Reber. He sang for Scary Kids and Saosin. And he also sings in a new band called Dead American. He's on a track."

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