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Orange Goblin 2021 Tina K
Photo by Tina K.

Live Footage

ORANGE GOBLIN Streams Entire Bloodstock 2021 Set

Orange Goblin, always good.

London, England's Orange Goblin are streaming their full set from Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival in 2021. Performing on the "Ronnie James Dio Stage" the quartet crank out a solid 35 minutes of stoner metal in front of a frenzied crowd. The setlist ran as follows:

  1. "Sons of Salem"
  2. "The Filthy & the Few"
  3. "The Man Who Invented Time"
  4. "Saruman's Wish"
  5. "Some You Win, Some You Lose"
  6. "Your World Will Hate This"
  7. "Scorpionica"
  8. "The Devil's Whip"
  9. "They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls)"
  10. "Quincy the Pigboy"
  11. "Red Tide Rising"

Orange Goblin recently signed to Peaceville Records and is working on their first new album since 2018. The album will be the band's first to feature bassist Harry Armstrong, who replaced founding bassist Martyn Millard earlier this year.

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"When we first started the band back in 1995, Peaceville was a label we admired so much due to the number of amazing bands they were releasing and building careers for at the time," said vocalist Ben Ward. "To join a roster that released albums by the likes of Autopsy, Darkthrone, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Pentagram, At The Gates, Aura Noir and many more is an absolute honour and we look forward to continuing that amazing bloodline of talent, alongside the killer bands that they currently have on their books.

"We spoke to a few labels when our last deal ended and the enthusiasm, vision and passion for the music that Peaceville showed made this a really easy decision for all of us. We can't wait to start work on what will be the 10th Orange Goblin studio album. With a new bass player in place we are now writing new material and expect to have this released sometime in 2022. Cheers!"

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