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One Dude Bought All Of MEGADETH Guitarist Dave Mustaine's Guitars During A Recent Sale

So how much did this cost?

Megadeth guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine set up a Reverb shop to sell 150 pieces of gear, including a handful of guitars from his personal collection, on November 4. One buyer noticed that all the guitars immediately sold out that same day, making the Internet wonder what the hell just happened. Was this the work of bots? Did Reverb pull down all the guitars to keep them? Nope! It was all Essex Recording Studios owner Keith Gannon.

Gannon has since made a 14+ minute video explaining how he afforded all the guitars, what he plans to do with them, and why he even bought them all. Essentially he just wants to share them with the world.

I bought these killer guitars for anyone to enjoy here at the studio! Just get in touch if you're in the London/Essex area and you're more than welcome to swing by the studio and rock out on them. This has pissed off an enormous amount of Russians, who literally made a hate video dedicated to this video and sent a few hundred comrades over to dislike it as you can see ?. I've left the main comment up but have removed the rest because it was getting repetitive and they don't realize we don't have their alphabet and the English translations just come out hilarious. Needless to say, they have all slept with my mother and wish me a prosperous life in hell. I'm looking forward to my trip there in the spring ??

Gannon adds Essex Recording Studios has over 300 guitars and he pretty much just wants to help smaller bands do well for themselves.

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