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ONCE HUMAN Drops Groovy, Low-Tuned New Single "Cold Arrival"

Real chunky Logan Mader riffs in there.

Once Human is now streaming their new single "Cold Arrival," which serves as a tribute to the band's fallen friend Jared. Once Human guitarist Max Karon said Jared was an integral part of the band's mental wellbeing and will be missed.

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"In the beginning of the pandemic, we as a band lost someone very near and dear to us. Being around Jared was our mutual tether to healthy habits and personal empowerment," said Karon.

"He was personable, fun, and a constant source of wisdom. To us, he felt like a permanent, immutable fixture in our lives. He left us suddenly and without warning. These last eighteen months have been a solemn reminder that the lives we lead and the people we know are not immortal. The acknowledgment of that harsh reality is 'Cold Arrival'."

Once Human will release Scar Weaver on February 11. Pre-orders are available here.

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