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OCEANS OF SLUMBER Immediately Gets Heavy on "The Adorned Fathomless Creation"

You really, truly need to get into this band.

Oceans of Slumber wastes exactly zero time in getting heavy on their new single "The Adorned Fathomless Creation." Combined with the more subdued and beautiful sections it later gets to, I can't recommend sitting through all of "The Adorned Fathomless Creation" enough.

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"Violence, revenge, retribution, repeat," said Oceans of Slumber in a statement. "The adorned fathomless creation that is humanity, that is society, that is each of us. Warped and blinded by this eye for an eye mentality, we stumble along the path of this insidious and cyclical nature of violence and pain. Hate begets more hate. Fear a contagion. Compassion a lost art of emotional bending. Outcry, anger, rage, repeat. We long for the gentle embrace of compassion, hope to be soothed by a love that is no where to be found. So the machine churns, spewing smoke along a degenerative wasteland. Victim, valor, vengeance, repeat. Our only hope is to remember that among ourselves is an ability to connect, an ability to heal, an ability to grow. To break the machine and free ourselves from its corrosive and cancerous nature. Teach, acknowledge, heal, repeat."

Oceans of Slumber will release their self-titled album on September 4. Pre-order here..

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Texas progsters Oceans of Slumber have released their most accessible album to date with Starlight and Ash.

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Their new LP Starlight and Ash will be available July 22.