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NORNA Stomps Through New Single "Serpent Spine"

Sweet sludgy destruction.

Just let Norna completely decimate your surroundings for the next six minutes with their new single "Serpent Spine." Between the crushing music itself and the visually violent music video done by Romain Guélat, "Serpent Spine" is nothing short of audio devastation.

"Star is way, way is eye. A spiritual metaphor for a higher state of consciousness if you will," said the band about the video. "A journey through that vast void beyond your perception and time. Facing the wall of energy between you and the only truth. Like a raging river it flows through our bodies like an entity larger then self if you let it, let go. Die and you will live.

"Lyrically and tone it was created to force its way through like a pulsating mantra towards a better understanding of being."

Norna will release their debut album Star Is Way Way Is Eye next year via Vinter Records.

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