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MY HOLLOW Allows The Puppets To Take Over In New Single "Vultures"

Orchestral, melodic death metal for your Monday.

If you're looking for a solid orchestral, melodic death metal track to kick off your week, then look no further than our premiere of the new My Hollow single "Vulture." The single comes alongside a video created by vocalist Graham Gaudreault's wife Jennifer White. And who doesn't love the pairing of heavy metal and puppets? Nobody, that's who.

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"The music video for 'Vultures' was single-handedly designed and created by Graham's amazing wife and very talented tattoo artist, Jennifer White. She has been creating our artwork for almost as long as we've been a band," bassist Sean De Faria.

"Jen and Graham went over the details and she came back with a storyboard complete with different acts and scenes and it was clear at that moment that her talents were definitely not limited to static artwork. Then we saw the puppets she had created to go along with the storyboard; she poured hours into it and we think it turned out amazing. The level of detail in these puppets was way more than we were expecting, and it's so cool to see ourselves represented as puppets."

"Vultures" is off the My Hollow EP Fighting The Monsters, which features a guest appearance from Soilwork vocalist Björn Strid. The EP was mixed and mastered by Tyler Williams of Monolithic Productions, and is due out later this year.

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