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MUTE THE SAINT Shows Sitar is Very Metal with "Sound Of Scars" Music Video

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MUTE THE SAINT Shows Sitar is Very Metal with "Sound Of Scars" Music Video

We've been a fan of Indian musician Rishabh Seen for years now, since his great Animals As Leaders covers. Rishabh has been hard at work on a full album of original songs with his band, Mute The Saint, which he will release on December 1, 2016. Here is a preview of his new album, with the premiere of "Sound of Scars."

Rishabh had this to say about the video:

Sound Of Scars, as the name suggests, is a song about uncertainity, sufferings, helplessness and an outlet to aggression. Starting from a heavy burst of aggression,taking you to and through a journey of the sound of suffering, reaching a point of uncertainty where you thought that everything would resolve and you will never have to face those demoralising moments again, but it soon ends to a heavy breakdown – which symbolizes helplessness and the realization that fear and the very frustrating and demoralizing bad happenings in life won't ever stop happening, but it's only you who will have to grow stronger and keep facing it without giving up!

I (Rishabh Seen) personally reached a point in myself where an outlet was necessary for all the little thoughts, memories and happenings that were not very pleasant and haunted me and almost drove me crazy where I became so emotionally detached and aggressive to everything and everyone around me.It started affecting everything from my personal life to my music and so this song does not resolves that feeling, but is rather a representing of how I felt during that time of my life.I wanted to write a song that would take me back to that time and that feeling of aggression and helplessness so that I realize that I have been through it and can again do it! That's all that this song carries,I hope you all relate to it and get back to your feet at times like these!

We 'Mute The Saint', are extremely stoked to be sharing this record with you on 1st December 2016. To know more about the upcoming record,Physical CDs,Merchandise or even these conceptual songs,our writing process (Since we have never met each other and the entire record has been made using emails), feel free to write to us at [email protected] or head over to our official Facebook|Twitter|Youtube using @mutethesaint
Thank you for continuing to give us the incredible support, we have made sure that this record becomes one of as kind experience for you all!

Thank you and horns up for Metal Injection!

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