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Mrs Smith

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MRS. SMITH Is Struggling To Cope with Her "Antifa Niece" In Shreddy New Music Video

Dystopias should at least have an appealing soundtrack

Mrs. Smith is never at a loss for words or notes. In her latest opus, titled "Antifa Niece," we see every metalhead's favorite shredding aunt treat us to a candy-colored pop-metal anthem out of the piles of poop we call our collective moment.

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The music video finds Mrs. Smith worried that her poor, impressionable niece is being recruited by Antifa. The track has all the catchy hooks, and wicked shredding including some Eddie Van Halen-esque tapping, all with a fierce message behind it. A kaleidoscope of memes and political references are cited in the fast-moving clip including public freak-out Karens, QANON, and the found-footage surrealism of Vic Berger.

Keep up with all things Mrs. Smith at her webpage and head on over to Bandcamp to collect the music!

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