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MRS. SMITH Adds A Little More Wah To METALLICA's "One" with Excellent Cover

We love and support the beautiful and talented Mrs. Smith, and did you know she was recently kidnapped? It's all profiled in her new music video, a cover of Metallica's "One."

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The rendition was inspired by the recent release of “The Blacklist,” an album of covers from Metallica’s “Black Album.”  “I’ve been performing “One” at my live show for years and when I started hearing all these fabulous covers come out I thought it would be a great time to finally record my version and create a video for it,” said Smith. 

Mrs. Smith has her experience with Metallica. Just prior to the pandemic, she competed in a monumental wah-off with Kirk Hammett:

Mrs. Smith appears every Friday at Sony Hall in the variety show “New York, New York” presented by nightlife goddess Susannne Bartsch.

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"I don't really talk about my time with Metallica. I don't bring it up."