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MOUNTAIN TAMER Sell World Destruction In Trippy "Scorched Earth" Music Video

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MOUNTAIN TAMER Sell World Destruction In Trippy "Scorched Earth" Music Video

Italian indie label Heavy Psych Sounds are true connoisseurs of, well, heavy psych. One of their latest signings is Los Angeles' own Mountain Tamer, who will be dropping their third full-length Psychosis Ritual on Sept. 25 via their new found label home. Today, we're premiering the batshit crazy new video for their latest single "Scorched Earth," and it's…well, just watch the video and see for yourself.

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In a nihilistic, twisted, acid-fueled sort of way, the video for "Scorched Earth" portrays the existential boredom the whole world has slumped into in the midst of this damn pandemic. Granted, some of us may partake in different recreational activities than what's depicted in the video, but I think the point still stands. It's the kind of stuff that both hardcore stoners and those with a dark sense of humor can appreciate.

As great as the video is, it's the music that makes it all work. A chunky, fuzzed-out riff carries the song with a swinging swagger reminiscent of the grimy grooves of Electric Wizard. The lo-fi production suits the song well as it blazes along like a '70s acid trip gone haywire. Hyperbole aside, Mountain Tamer stands apart from their peers with their keen sense of fusing the universally-loved qualities of doom and stoner rock with the hallucinatory freak outs of psychedelia.

Psychosis Ritual will be released Sept. 25 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Pre-order the album in the usual formats here, and check out Mountain Tamer's previous albums over at their Bandcamp page.

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