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moonspell 2021

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MOONSPELL Offer Old School Ballad with New Song "All Or Nothing"

Moonspell is slowing things down with their heavy new ballad "All Or Nothing". The song showcases the band's capabilities to write excellent, lamenting melodies, all while bringing the heaviness when it's called for.

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Moonspell will release their new record Hermitage on February 26. Pre-orders for Hermitage are available here.

"The video for ‘All Or Nothing’ was recorded in an empty theatre in Portugal and it’s symbolic of our days,” frontman Fernando Ribeiro tells us. "Solitude dominates our lives and we divide our attentions and heartbeats at the groove of darkness and hope. At the mercy of all that can be and the nothing that we have to deal with right now. It’s a song that relies on a more intimate melodic frame, emotional, autobiographic almost, about the joy and the sorrow that is being in a band."

He continues: "Life is a game you cannot win. You just have to play. Our job is done, we brought you joy. Every now and then."

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