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MØL Streams Atmospheric New Single "Serf"

Dreamy and blackened.

Møl is now streaming their very phone-friendly music video for the new single "Serf", off their new album Diorama out November 5. The album was recorded and mixed by Tue Madsen (Gojira, Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn) and given a cover by Jon Gotlev.

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"Writing our debut Jord seemed like the culmination of our first two EPs," said guitarist Nicolai Busse Bladt. "We had achieved a sound and an approach to creating music that is distinctly ours. Diorama is both refinement and exploration. I wanted to refine our sound, melodies, and compositions, but also push the boundaries of our music and explore new paths and things we haven’t done before. Our approach to music has never been restricted by any dogmas and we’re stalwart believers in eclecticism.“

Pre-order Diorama here.

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Their new album is out now.