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METALLICA & ANTHRAX Members Featured in ARMORED SAINT Documentary

Plus appearances by past and present members of the band.

Strange & Beautiful Productions has dropped the first trailer for their upcoming documentary on Armored Saint, titled Armored Saint: The Movie. The documentary features appearances by past and present members of the band, as well as interviews with the following:

  • James Hetfield – Metallica
  • Lars Ulrich – Metallica
  • Scott Ian – Anthrax
  • Brian Slagel – Metal Blade Records
  • Cliff Bernstein – Q-Prime Management
  • Max Norman – Producer
  • Bill Metoyer – Engineer / Producer
  • John Kornarens – Music Video Director
  • John Sutherland – Friend
  • Bob Nalbandian – Headbanger Friend
  • Tracy Vera – Metal Blade Records
  • Mike Faley – Metal Blade Records
  • Zach Harmen – Metallica / Armored Saint Tech

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