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Metal Cover of MADONNA's "Like A Virgin" Surprisingly Works

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Metal Cover of MADONNA's "Like A Virgin" Surprisingly Works

Take a listen to this cover of Madonna's "Like A Virgin."

Okay seriously, wasn't that a fun cover? Instead of being "SVPER TRVE KVLT HEAVY" or anything like that, the song had this hair-metal-meets-Andrew-W.K. vibe to it that just works. It helps that multi instrumentalist and owner of Frog Leap Studios Leo Moracchioli can do a pretty wide range of vocal styles and the music is interesting… plus the video is funny. So all of those things combined makes this work because music is about having fun.

It's worth mentioning that Madonna is at least a little metal. Remember that time she jammed on some Pantera riffs?

[via MetalSucks]

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